Hawke’s Bay Venues

Take a look through the diverse array of venues across Hawke’s Bay to find the perfect setting for your next event. HB Music Hub is your central destination for all of the information you need to know about our local venues. Nowhere else on the web can you access such a wealth of information—all conveniently gathered in a single place.

Black Barn


Address: Black Barn Vineyards, Black Barn Road, Havelock North
Phone: 06 877 7985
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: blackbarn.vineyards
Instagram: blackbarnnz

Style of music that is played at venue: All music types.

5 words that best describe your venue:
Outdoor, renowned fo acoustics, sight-lines and atmosphere.

Layout & Capacity:
A purpose built Amphitheatre with large flat grassed terraces mean concert-goers sit in comfort with close uninterrupted views of the stage and the whole of Hawke’s Bay as their backdrop. Every terrace is fairy lit for concerts and the entire amphitheatre is surrounded by a circle of 50 year-old muscatel grapes. The Amphitheatre style layout has 11 terraces, seating two rows per terrace. Capacity 1750-1844 depending on the show, seating or grass terrace seated options.

The venue is typically supplied as a concert-ready fixture. It has a permanent stage with weatherproof hood erected for the shows, understage space available, luxe greenroom and catering onsite. For technical details please contact us directly.

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: POA

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: No, we do though highly reccommend Sight and Sound production company to complete production requirements to a high standard and local.

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The Cabana


Address: 11 Shakespeare Road Napier City
Phone: 0273520476
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: The Cabana
Instagram: cabana_musicvenue

Style of music that is played at venue: All types of Music / Comedy and Dance.

5 words that best describe your venue: NZ’s oldest Pure Live Music Venue.

Layout & Capacity: Main stage and a smaller 2nd stage at the entrance end. Capacity 250. A large carpark is free to use Friday night to Sunday.

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available:
All PA / Lights / and gears provided. Some back line provided as well. For PA specs go to website

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue:  Artists take door venue takes bar. NO hirage fees.

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: In house engineer for big stage $120. Small stage $60.

Do you help market and promote gigs:

The Cabana has 8,500 followers on its facebook page which is boosted weekly for adverting purposes.

The Cabana uses Mail Chimp to email 1,800 subscribers at least once a week.

The Cabana has 654 followers on instagram.

The Cabana advertisers with 100.7 Bay FM the only true local Radio, with artist interviews and personally voiced adds by the Guv’ Roy Brown weekly.

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Church Road Winery


Names: Katy Wedde, Mitch Hyndman, Brent Pilcher
Address: 150 Church Road, Taradale, Napier
Phone: 06-833 8225
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: churchroadwinery
Instagram: churchroadwinery

Style of music that is played at venue: Quite a broad mix of contemporary styles of pop, jazz, rock avoiding extremes of heavy metal, gangster rap, hip hop and alternative.

5 words that best describe your venue:

Internal – rustic, warm, inviting, atmospheric,
External – spacious, open, family friendly

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Common Room


Names: Gerard Barron
Address: 227 Heretaunga St East, Hastings
Phone: 062112446
Cell: 0276568959
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: commonroomhb
Instagram: commonroomhb

Style of music that is played at venue: All genres (except maybe death metal)

5 words that best describe your venue:

Cosy, quirky, intimate, great hospitalityLayout & Capacity: 100 standing, 70 seated

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: Artists take the door, we take the bar

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: We can do basic gigs in house or have contacts for quality sound engineers

Do you help market and promote gigs: Will happily print posters and use our large social media precence to promo all gigs

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The Old Dairy Factory


All styles of live music

Surrounded by native timbers of rimu and matai

A full recording studio

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Filter Room


Contact: Otis Robinson
Address: 20 Awatoto road Meeanee
Phone : (06)8343986 or 022 452 3522
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: thefilterroomhb
Instagram: thefilterroomhb

Style of Music: We cover most bases but tend to steer clear of Heavy Metal and Hard house/drum and bass electronica.

Describe in 5 words: Rustic, outdoors, open plan, unique, welcoming.

Layout: We have 2 main areas we utilize outside and we also have 2 areas inside we use as well. In saying that we can create other areas if that’s more suitable for the occasion.

Capacity: Outside we can hold 200-250 people comfortably. Inside about 130 seated.

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: We sit on average at $400 for 3 hours for our Solo or duet style performers. If we are promoting a full band we would base that on ticket sales with a small retainer if required.

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: No

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Moana Park Esate


Address: 530 Puketapu Road, Napier
Phone: 06-844 8269
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Moana Park
Instagram: Moan Park

Style of Music: All

Describe in 5 words:  Intimate, Outdoors, Open-plan, Relaxing, Rustic

Layout: We can fit a crowd from 10-2000, it depends on what the client wants. We can make a big space feel intimate, or utilise all the space we have to house a large mass of people.

Capacity: We can fit a crowd from 10-2000, it depends on what the client wants. We can make a big space feel intimate, or utilise all the space we have to house a large mass of people.

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: We are flexible and can work around everyones preferences.

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: Yes. Depending on what is needed, we can supply a sound engineer.

Do you help market and promote gigs: Yes, We ca nadvertise on our social media and sround our Cellar Door

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Paisley Stage


Address: 17 Carlyle Street
Phone:   0272126637
Email:   [email protected]

Facebook: paisleystage
Instagram: paisley_stage

Style of music that is played at venue: All Genres from Jazz to Djent, Classical to Metal

5 words that best describe your venue: Loungy, retro, cozy with great sound and lights

Layout & Capacity: Large open plan room with lounge style seating, 120 Capacity, Large stage (5m x 7.2m) with greenroom

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available:

– Excellent sounding room with great PA,
– RCF 400 series Dual 15″ tops, RCF 18″ Subs
– 4 RCF 12″ powered monitors with Sub, 4 monitor feeds
– X18 Digital Mixing desk, Live multitrack recording available
– Range of backline available for use
– Pork Pie 7 Piece Drum Kit with Cymbals and Stands
– Marshall JMP 50 1970 Head/ Greenback Marshall Cab
– Marshall JCM800 1989 Head/ 4×12 V30/G12 Cab
– Ampeg 8×10 Bass Cab and 450w Head
– Full array of mics and stands
– Broadwood Piano in tune

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue:

Artist to take 100% of door, Artist to pay Lighting Tech Fee (Usually $60)

Artist to Pay Sound Tech Fee (Usually $120 or free if over 60 persons through the door)

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost:

Yes experienced sound engineer available (Usually $120 or free if over 60 persons through the door)

Do you help market and promote gigs:

– We have strong social media presence, fb and instagram
– We offer postering services at good rates
– Some radio advertising
– Local newspaper

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Shed 2 on the Quay


Name: Dennis
Address: 56 West Quay Ahuriri
Phone: 021 487 678 – 06 835 2202
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: shed2onthequay

Style of music that is played at venue: All genres

5 words that best describe your venue: Rustic historic converted wool store

Layout & Capacity:

– Bar and menu serviced open plan
– Capacity 180 pax
– 1 Stage

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available: No

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: Mostly we provide the venue and entertainer takes the door.

Do you supply sound engineer : No

Do you help market and promote gigs: On our social media

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Space Ship Studios


Sophie Watkins (director/curator)
118 Karma Rd Nrth Hastings
[email protected]


Instagram: @spaceshipnz

Style of music that is played at venue: Space Ship was created by artists for artists to be a safe all encompassing all accepting Space, we are willing to approach all styles and experiments with an open mind.

Excludes only Dickheads.

5 words that best describe your venue: Authentic, inclusive, Blank-Canvas, creative, raw.

Layout & Capacity:

– Our venue consists of a large stage area, A thrust/ramp in centre stage. with loading dock access.
– Functional Green room.
– 3 x toilets with 1 disabled and fully certified handicap ramp.
– Simple bar.
– Large floorspace with access to some seating when organised.

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available: SpaceShip PA System Specifications below…

Console/ Fx Rack
1 x SoundCraft GB8 40ch
1 x BSS Opal 31b Graphic Eq L/R 1 x Yamaha Rev5 Reverb unit
1 x Ensoniq DP Pro Tap Delay
1 x TC Electronic M2
1 x Tascam CD-01U Pro Cd player

Belden 24/ 8 Multicore Belden 24/6 Multicore 1 x 8way Drop snake

Left and Right Stacked system
2 x per side JBL SRX718S (Endfire configuration) 1 x per side JBL MRX525 Dual 15”
1 x per side B3 In Fills

System processing
Soundweb London Blu16 Processor

1 x Quest QA4004 Mid/ Highs 2 x Quest QA4004 subs
1 x Quest QA3004 Fills

As of: 19/04/21

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue:

Case by case but Band Collects door, we collect bar unless previously organised.

Standard rates for private booking per night.

$100 for local

$200 for corporate

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost:

We have access to a range of levels of sound engineers, booking to go through

[email protected] unless otherwise organised.

Do you help market and promote gigs:

We have an open studio of artists willing to make promotional content for shows from posters to videos, I promote through instagram and facebook and anything extra is to be discussed and or charged appropriately.

Sideline Bar


Address: 110 Taradale Road
Phone: 06 843 4355
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: sidelinebarnapier

Style of music that is played at venue: Covers Bands

5 words that best describe your venue: Open-plan, clean, spacious, outdoors, great music, sports bar

Layout & Capacity: Large open plan venue inc gaming machines, outdoor area, pool tables, stage

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: No cover charge, venue pays performers.

Do you help market and promote gigs: Yes, sometimes

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Te Awanga Estate


Name: Jo Throp
Address: 376 Parkhill Road, Te Awanga
Phone: 0211789999

Instagram: @teawangaestate

Style of music that is played at venue: All

5 words that best describe your venue: open-air, vineyard, natural amphitheater, chilled

Layout & Capacity: One outdoor stage, playing up to the cellar door with vines and a view as a backdrop. People sit on the hillside under the shady trees.  Pax 500.

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: Variable

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: No

Do you help market and promote gigs: Yes

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The Urban Winery


Address: 3 Ossian Street, Napier
Phone: 06 650 3353
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: The Urban Winery
Instagram: @theurbanwineryahuriri

Style of music that is played at venue: All. Latin, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, DJ, Jazz, Covers, Blues

5 words that best describe your venue: Versatile, Rustic-Chic, Unique, Open-plan, Classy

Layout & Capacity: Fairly open floor plan with moveable furniture and dimmable lights. Can seat 100 and fit 140 people standing.

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available: If no leave blank / If yes describe: Yes, standard but high quality in-house PA system.

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: Either a fixed pay or a door charge with higher compensation for the artist.

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost:

Do you help market and promote gigs:
Yes. We use our website and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Eventfinda.

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Zeffer Cidery Taproom and Bar


Address: 1747 Korokipo Road, Fernhill, Napier 4183
Phone: 06-650 1836
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: zeffercider
Instagram: zeffercider

Style of music that is played at venue:
Folk, Dub, Roots, Reggae, Soul, Tribute Bands, Covers.

5 words that best describe your venue: Outdoors, casual, relaxed, large open space, family friendly

Layout & Capacity: Situated on the site of our working cidery and orchard in the stunning Fernhill area. We have a large outdoor space that is both idea for smaller music acts or can hold up to 1500 people with the addition of extra infrastructure.  There is an onsite Taproom and Bar.  Our internal area is very small – we are predominately an outdoor venue with the ability to add infrastructure for larger crowds such as additional bars, foodtrucks and services.  We don’t have a permanent stage. 

Is an In-house PA or mixing desk Available: If no leave blank / If yes describe:

Standard performer payment arrangement, how does this work at your venue: POA. Generally we pay performers a set fee.

Do you supply sound engineer and how much does this cost: No

Do you help market and promote gigs: Yes. We have a large social media following and can promote through Instagram, Facebook and EventFinda with additional marketing resources available to support larger events.

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On Tour

Planning on going on tour? or just want to perform on a new stage? To save you time our team has put together a list of venues around New Zealand, so be sure to check them out.

Alexandra Park Function Centre, Auckland

The facilities at Alexandra Park are some of best in Auckland.

Altitude & Gravity, Hamilton

Hamilton’s premiere music venue.

Backbeat, Auckland

Backbeat has been set up to help promote music in New Zealand.

With a look, feel and atmosphere unlike any other venue in New Zealand, Backbeat is said to be a music museum designed for private functions/live music and public events.

Barfoot Stadium, Auckland

The established Barfoot Stadium offers facilities of quality for indoor sports, meetings, exhibitions and major social occasions located in the Eastern Suburbs, Auckland.

Baycourt Community & Arts Centre, Tauranga

One of the newest venues in Tauranga, more suitable to classical music styles.

Black Barn Vineyards, Hawkes Bay

Black Barn is a small vineyard just five minutes from the Village of Havelock North in Hawkes Bay Wine Country.

Blue Smoke
Blue Smoke is a live music venue housed in the beautifully renovated Tannery precinct of Woolston, Christchurch.

Britomart, Auckland

Welcome to BritomartBritomart is a vibrant shopping, entertainment and business precinct in the heart of downtown Auckland.

Butlers Reef, Oakura

Butlers Reef is located 10 mins south of New Plymouth on Surf Hwy 45.

Cabana, Napier

The legendary Cabana in Napier is being given a new lease on life as an entertainment venue, thanks to a collective of Napier personalities.

Caroline, Wellington

Official website for Wellington venue, Caroline,

Cassette Number Nine, Auckland

A brief sojourn down Vulcan Lane in Auckland’s Central City will soon bring you to No. 9, and up an enigmatic flight of stairs a renowned music venue / restaurant / bar / club space awaits you – a space home to countless legends, stars, curiosities, oddities and tall tales of decadent debauchery over the years.

Claudelands, Hamilton

Unique in Australasia, Claudelands Arena’s C-shape configuration brings you closer to the action.

Common Room Bar, Hastings

The Common Room Bar is a small venue in central Hastings with a capacity of just over 100. Originally started as a one-room craft beer bar we have morphed into a live music venue with live music three to four nights a week.

Dark Room, Christchurch

Established in October 2011.

Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland

Ding Dong Lounge is a Rock bar in the down town vacinity, welcoming business patrons & rockers alike.

Empire Tavern, Auckland

The Empire Tavern is one of Auckland’s leading entertainment venues.

Entertainment Venues Association NZ

EVANZ facilitates the collective sharing of information, enhancement of skills and knowledge, and development of best practice among NZ’s entertainment venues.

Eventfinda Stadium, Auckland

Website for Auckland’s Eventfinda Stadium.

Fairfield House, Nelson

Nestled in seven acres of beautiful woodlands and gardens, Fairfield House is one of Nelson’s most prestigious historic homes.

Finn MacCuhal’s, Taupo

Taupo’s finest traditional Irish Pub & family restaurant.

Galatos, Auckland

Galatos official website.

Good Luck, Wellington

With an across the board music policy, Wellington’s Good Luck bar is open 7 days a week.

Hamilton City Theatres, Hamilton

Hamilton City Theatres is Hamilton City Council’s operational arm for three of the city’s best venues. Under the Hamilton City Theatres brand, and a single management, each has distinctively different facilities and all three theatres are located within Hamilton’s CBD where accommodation, restaurants and bars are all within easy walking distance.

Hopetoun Alpha, Auckland

Hopetoun Alpha is a majestic historic building which has been beautifully restored for its current use as a function and event venue in the heart of Auckland city.

Howick Club, Auckland

The Howick Club, a member of the NZ Chartered Clubs Association, is a large, modern facility with a membership base of over 3000 members coming from all walks of life and drawn mainly from the Howick & Pakuranga areas of Manukau City.

Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch

Capacity: Between 1255-1290 over three levels seated, or 1300 with the first five rows removed.

Kumeu Live, Kumeu

Kumeu Live’s goal is to encourage the performance of original music, to a listening audience at the Kumeu Arts Centre. It is a non profit organisation. It’s first concerts were in June 2016.

Le Cafe, Picton

Le Café offers the best in contemporary Continental dining, using locally sourced ingredients, to be enjoyed with local wines, the best beers, and live music. The coffee is the finest in Picton as is the view!

Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh

Cafe restaurant situated one hour north of Auckland.

Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai

The historic Mangawhai Tavern is adjacent to the old port where the ships were loaded with the Kauri milled from the bush.

Mission Estate Winery, Napier

New Zealand’s oldest winery and home to the annual Mission Estate concert.

Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

Previously known as Ericsson Stadium, Mt Smart Stadium is Auckland’s leading outdoor concert venue and home to the Big Day Out.

Mystery Creek, Hamilton

Mystery Creek hosts many musical events each year, including Parachute.

Neck of the Woods

K Road, Auckland based live music venue.

Nivara Lounge, Hamilton

Hamilton’s underground retro lounge with cool sounds, live entertainment, coffee, food, beers, spirits and wine. Centrally located in the business part of town. Close to shopping centre, hotels and restaurants.

Penguin Club, Oamaru

Music venue in Oamaru

Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland

Official website for the Ponsonby Social Club.

Powerstation, Auckland

If walls could talk, the intimate surrounds of Auckland music mecca the Powerstation would rattle off legendary tales that take in nearly 30 years of live music history. From its pride of place at the top of Mt Eden Road, this much revered venue has played host to the biggest names in the business, allowing local music lovers to witness headliners like Beastie Boys, the Ramones, Soundgarden and Run-DMC up close and personal.

Regent on Broadway Theatre, Palmerston North

Established in Palmerston North on the 4th of July, 1930.

Sale St, Auckland

Official website for Sale St.

San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington

Historically, San Francisco Bath House has had a reputation for being a rock venue but in recent years it has become home to a wider spectrum of live entertainment. Wednesday through Saturday nights feature an eclectic mix of REAL local, national and international acts cutting across many genres, subgenres, scenes and micro-scenes.

Seumus’ Irish Bar, Picton

Seumus’ Irish Bar is Picton’s best live music venue. Music can be found 7 nights a week through Summer and every weekend during winter.

Seumus’ Irish Bar, Picton, South Island, New Zealand…. make Seumus’ your first stop!

SkyCity, Auckland

Home to Atrium Bar and Bar 3.

Smash Palace

Judged New Zealand’s Best Music Entertainment Venue

Sofar Sounds, Auckland, Wellington & Dunedin

Sofar transforms everyday spaces – like a living room or retail shop – and turns it into a captivating venue for secret, live shows, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. Each Sofar is small, and typically features three diverse acts, with no headliner.

Sound Base, Christchurch

Sound Base is Christchurch’s most exciting practice space for bands and musicians. Sound Base is a fully equipped room with everything you need to practice and create amazing music. Sound Base is located in Sockburn and can cater to all groups and individuals at any time of any day or night.

Spark Arena, Auckland

The entertainment hub of the Pacific.

St James Theatre, Wellington

Website for the St James in Wellington.

Studio, Auckland

For 20 years, Auckland has seen the heart and soul of its live entertainment scene being housed in what is now an iconic presence on K’Road, the Studio.

Surreal, Queenstown

Surreal opened its doors in 1997 and has been going strong now for over 10 years.

Tabac, Auckland

Bar Tabac is one of Auckland’s coolest bars, an institution serving Auckland since 1997. It has become a favourite night spot, providing an ambient sophisticated setting in a rustic heritage building in the back streets of Downtown Auckland City.

Tahuna Function Centre, Nelson

Talk to the team at Tahuna Function Centre about Nelson catering for your wedding, Nelson conference, Nelson Function Centre or celebration.

The Bedford School Of Music Entertainment Venues, Oamaru

Family Entertainment Venue(s) in Oamaru (upto 150 seats or 400+ standing room), Licensed or Unlicensed venue, Grounds for weddings & Music Festivals, Practice space, Dance Hall, Dressing rooms, Demo recording, Band mentoring & hire space for conferences.

The Blue Pub, Methven

The Blue likes to think that it’s one of Canterbury’s major live venues for music.

The Boathouse, Nelson

The Boathouse is an attractive heritage building situated over the sea on the picturesque Nelson Haven, that operates as a Clubhouse, Event & Performance Space, Cafe and Function Venue.

The Butter Factory, Whangarei

The Butter Factory pride themselves on hosting a wide range of performances, and welcome enquiries from all genres.

The Cashmere Club, Christchurch

A leading Christchurch club for sports and leisure. Sports bars, beer gardens, a restaurant including outdoor dining and full conference, wedding and function venue facilities.

The Great South Pacific Tuning Fork, Auckland

The Tuning Fork offers the full expertise and technical support of all Vector Arena’s infrastructure and staff, including management and marketing back up.

The Lakeland Queen, Rotorua

Old fashioned steam paddler, live music moonlight cruising on Lake Rotorua. Max capacity 300 people cocktail style, 220 seated. Ample room for bands, good sound. Unique setting, unique experience.

The Mayfair, New Plymouth

New Plymouth’s premier live music venue.

The Mussel Inn, Onekaka

A laid-back establishment located in Onekaka.

The Royal Hotel, Palmerston North

Facebook page for Palmerston North’s The Royal.

The Vic, Devonport (Auckland)

The Vic is a mixed use community cinema, cafe and performing arts space.

The Wine Cellar, Auckland

Underground bar and music venue in St Kevin’s Arcade.

Totara Street, Mt Maunganui

Premier Live Music Venue in the heart of Mount Maunganui.

A 423 sq meter events room with a mezzanine floor covering the full length and width of the venue, with a maximum capacity of 450 people. The events room is essentially a mini version of the Powerstation. Fully equipped with staging, lighting truss, Martin Audio sound system, house lighting rig and infrastructure to allow for large scale shows. Backline also available by arrangement. With high ceilings and great sightlines from downstairs and the mezzanine floor, Totara Street is the brand new premier live music venue in Tauranga.

For more info contact [email protected] or phone 0800 11 22 41


UFO is an underground live music venue based in Auckland.

Valhalla, Wellington

Valhalla – (formerly Medusa/Hole In The Wall/Valve) is Wellington’s only dedicated alternative music venue.

Vic Brewbar, Nelson

To The Upper Nelson restaurant there at the Vic! The Vic has a variety of features in their Nelson pub, and top hospitality to match that are fine qualities to look for when searching for the perfect venue. Feel free to contact The Vic at any time to plan your next function.

Whammy Bar, Auckland

Run by a collective of like minded Whammy Bar regulars, Whammy Bar is a bar and music venue on K Road, Auckland.

Whanganui Musicians Club

The Whanganui Musicians Club, a venue often rated by visiting artists as one of the best in the land, leaving audiences buzzing and wanting more. The club has also nurtured hundreds of musicians, young and old alike, providing a safe and receptive place for performance, encouraging all forms and styles.

Woodstock Hotel, Hokitika

The Woodstock Hotel is a great venue just 5 mins from Hokitika.

Zeal, Hamilton, West Auckland & Wellington

The official website for Zeal, based in Hamilton, West Auckland and Wellington.